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fathers' rights Archives

What rights do fathers have before birth?

Most fathers don't think about the rights they have over their child before it's born. However, decisions made pre-birth can have a substantial effect on the life of your baby. As such, some fathers may want to play a part in decisions that apply to medical testing, medical procedures, and other issues during pregnancy. Disagreements can arise over these decisions, and it's not unheard of for a father to try to assert his opinions in court.

Can I claim paternity if I didn't know I had a child?

When a father isn't married, he may have to jump through some legal red tape to establish himself as the legal father of his child. If the biological mother, for example, tries to claim that someone else is the father, the biological father may have trouble claiming his parental rights. If the father is not aware of his status and not aware of the child until after the child has been born, it can present even more challenges.

Why law firms are devoting time to fathers' rights issues

Family and divorce law firms around the country are devoting more of their practice time to fathers' rights issues. That's because men often don't get a fair shake in their divorce proceedings, especially when it comes to issues surrounding child custody.

Adoption and the rights of unmarried fathers

Unmarried fathers can establish their parental rights even if the mother of their child objects. By proactively establishing paternity, a father will be able to play a role in the raising of his or her child in most cases. He will also be able to approve of or stop the adoption of his child.

Parents could lose custody rights after tragic DUI crash

A Nebraska mother and father are trying to keep their parental rights after the father was accused of drunk driving with his young daughter in the car. The 36-year-old man allegedly caused a car accident while inebriated, causing the girl to suffer critical injuries in the crash.

Father fights for custody of twins given up for adoption

Nebraska mothers sometimes try to give their babies up for adoption without first obtaining permission from the father. However, fathers do have inherent parental rights -- if they can establish paternity -- and if this kind of situation has happened to you, you might be able to take legal action to fight for the custody of your child.

3 points a new father should know about his rights

Now that your ex has had your baby, you might wonder exactly what your rights are for being a father to the child. This is a very touchy subject for some people because of the responsibilities that come with having paternity legally established. It is imperative that you understand some important points about paternity if you are facing this situation.