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Focus on your kids to develop a healthy co-parenting relationship

Divorce, especially one that comes after a decade or more of marriage, can be a draining and emotional experience. You may feel prepared to fight your spouse in court, because you want to win. You may hope to penalize your spouse for bad behavior in marriage, but that really won't help your case in court. It also won't help your family in the long run. Don't get too caught up in the emotion of divorce.

Unwed fathers need to establish legal paternity for visitation

It has become increasingly common for couples to live together and have children without ever getting married. There are many reasons why people may choose not to marry. Perhaps they had a previous marriage fail and don't want to go through the hassle of divorce again. Maybe they are non-religious and don't see any legal benefits from marriage. Some people just don't think marriage matters.

Parenting guidelines to include in your child custody agreement

It doesn't matter who you are, depending on how your parents raised you and your own personal experience, there's a chance that you and your spouse will not completely agree how to raise your children. For this reason there are a few areas that you may want to cover in the parenting provisions included in your child custody agreements.

What can you do when your ex won't let you see your children?

One of the worst things about a divorce can be the damage it does to the relationship between a loving parent and the children from the marriage. It can be hard to adjust to life seeing your children only a few days a week. It can be even worse when your ex no longer allows you to have visitation as outlined in your divorce agreement or the temporary order while your divorce is pending.

5 important upsides to joint custody

Over the years, joint custody has become more and more popular, and fathers' rights get recognized today in a way they simply haven't been before. Shared custody is better for parents who want to stay involved, and research has directly linked it to positive development for the kids.

Establish paternity to protect your rights as a father

Having a child can be the greatest experience of your life. However, what do you do if your daughter's mother is denying you your parental rights? Since the two of you are not married, will a Nebraska court acknowledge your rights as the father? What can you do if the mother did not list you as the father on the birth certificate?

Will your alcohol use hurt your chances at custody in divorce?

During a divorce, custody of minor children often becomes a contentious issue. Spouses may not agree on a parenting plan, child support levels or even how to split up holidays after the divorce. If you aren't able to agree to specific terms, the courts will generally decide. That means that you and your spouse will each be trying to convince the courts that you should have primary or even full custody of your children. Any misbehavior or past legal troubles could get dragged into court as a means of proving you shouldn't have custody of your children. That can include alcohol use.

Can you share custody, finances and a home after divorce?

You and your spouse know that divorce is imminent. You have issues that simply can not be reconciled, for whatever reason. Once there has been a breakdown of trust or love within the marital union, fixing things may prove impossible. Divorce doesn't necessarily mean that everything in your lives and the lives of your children will need to change. Many couples who divorce are finding that continuing to cohabitate after divorce can reduce some of the negative financial impacts of divorce as well as the emotional impact on the children. It is an increasingly popular option for divorcing couples with kids.

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