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Will fathers be surprised by divorce statistics?

Going through a divorce is often a difficult process for both spouses, but, in some cases, men feel as if they get the "short end of the stick." This might be especially true for men who have children and are involved in a child custody dispute. Overall, divorce statistics in America show a stark, and sometimes shocking, picture of how these cases are handled, who is involved and what the end result might be.

The task of proving unseen abuse in a custody dispute

If you ask ten different people what kind of evidence would be permissible in court, you would likely get several different answers. It seems that everyone has their own opinion about what is "legal" when it comes to proving abuse allegations, whether they be verbal or physical.

Fighting gender bias in a judicial decision

Even today, when one would think gender bias no longer exists, it still runs rampant in our U.S. court systems. Numerous studies have shown that even more so than lay people, judges tend to default to implicit bias when making decisions regarding matters in which there are traditional gender roles. Cases such as custody matters, domestic violence, and sexual assaults all fit the bill.

Having involved dads helps children in school

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, the presence of fathers in their children's lives has a number of important benefits for both the dads and their kids. This is one reason why our law firm dedicates its time and attention to helping men establish and protect their fathers' rights to see their children regularly and have a role in making important decisions on their behalf.

Limitation on custody, visits after sex offenses

Like other states, Nebraska takes sex offenses, particularly those involving children, very seriously. Those accused of such crimes often wind up in prison for a long time. Even if they do not, however, their rights, including their rights to custody and parenting, can be significantly affected.

Study suggests modest progress in fathers' rights

A recent analysis of Census data suggests that dads may have made some progress, albeit slight, in showing courts that they are willing to and capable of being strong parental figures for their children. The study showed that there are, as of 2017, about 24 million children and teens under 18 living in a single parent home. Of those 24 million, over 50 percent of them, that is, 15 million, were residing with the mother.

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