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Are you ready to be fatherfull?

Certainly everyone has heard the dire results of fatherless children here in the United States. One Gallup Poll indicated that over 90 percent of Americans feel that fathers make unique contributions to their kids' lives. But have you ever considered the actual effects that being fatherfull can have on your children?

How can offering visitation help you get sole custody?

You want sole custody of your two kids in the divorce. Your spouse also wants custody, but would settle for joint custody. You believe it's in their best interests not to live with your spouse at any time for a variety of reasons.

Most divorced fathers don't see their kids more than once a week

Thinking that it's hard for fathers to stay involved with their children after a divorce? You're not wrong. One study found that fathers who didn't live under the same roof as their children tended not even to see them more than one time per week. A mere 22 percent exceeded even that slim level of contact.

Women's changing workplace roles alter men's roles with kids

Fathers' roles with their children have been changing, some experts claim, as many fathers are involved more in caring for and nurturing their children. Long thought of as the role of mothers, fathers in recent years have shown that they can take on those same tasks and raise well-adjusted children.

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