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Parenting time: The little things matter

Want to make your parenting schedule work after you and your spouse get divorced? Remember that the little details matter. When setting up your parenting plan, consider the small ways that you can make things go smoothly.

Frequent visitation aids in childhood development

Childhood development experts note that kids need to be involved with both parents in order to undergo normal development. While this is important at any age, it's especially critical for the formative years between 6 years old and 12 years old.

3 reasons parents should both be involved with the kids

Ideally, your parenting plan will give both parents a chance to spend time with the children. In the past, children have been more likely to land with their mothers. However, the modern focus is centered far more on achieving equality in parenting time and custody.

Does the quantity of time spent with parents impact kids?

When you and your spouse are splitting up and working on a parenting plan, your focus may be on ensuring that you have an equal amount of time with the kids. You're worried about the quantity of time you spend with them, and you're concerned that spending too little will negatively impact their development.

What's involved in creating a child custody schedule?

If you're going to make a child custody schedule, the most important decision you'll need to make first is where your child is going to live. Since this decision directly affects every aspect of your parenting time, it will influence all other aspects of your child custody schedule.

How do divorced couples succeed when co-parenting?

Divorce is a difficult subject for many couples, especially those who have children. As couples get divorced, they must learn to live on their own again. This includes handling their own finances, dealing with life's problems, and even raising children on their own at times. Here's how divorced couples can succeed when they are co-parenting.

Single parents: How to prevent video game addiction

Some single parents can agree with their exes on parenting matters easily and quickly. Other parents find it more difficult. One area where parents may disagree is how they structure their children's video game use.

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