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State reps calling for stronger child custody protections

Two state representatives, one from Pennsylvania and one from New York, are seeking stronger protections for kids who are involved in custody cases across the country. The two representatives, both women, have called for hearings to review the practices of family courts. The resolution created also asks family courts to quicken case resolution when violence is present.

Parents seeking legal protections as surrogacy soars

Surrogacy in the United States is soaring of late. In 2004, there were 738 babies born via surrogacy in the country. In 2015, that number jumped to a whopping 2,807. The majority of the increase is attributed to the advent of gay marriage. Some women who serve as surrogates are paid up to $30,000 to carry the baby that is created via the egg and sperm of others.

What are the grounds for challenging paternity?

When a man is proved to be the father of a child, he can be required to pay child support to assist in paying for his child's living expenses. In addition to financial responsibility, the right to spend time with a child is also conferred when paternity has been established.

What's the Nebraska safe haven law?

There are some situations in which the mother of a baby decides that she can no longer care for her child. In the past, mothers in this situation may have been tempted to simply leave their baby on the steps of a church in a basket. These days, such incidents are not that common, but that doesn't mean they don't happen. In cases where a mother surrenders her child in Nebraska, the state's Safe Haven Law is an effective way protect the mother from prosecution.

7 tips for planning summer vacations as a single parent

When it comes to summer vacation planning, single parents face unique challenges that other parents don't need to worry about. These challenges could strain relations with your ex, so it's important to navigate your summer vacation appropriately.

Disproving you're not the father of a child

People get together and break up quickly in Nebraska. One week two people are a couple and the next week they're not. When you mix a pregnancy into this equation, you might have a lot of questions about who the father is. Sometimes, a mother may identify the wrong father in these situations.

Victim wants to terminate her rapist's parental rights

Much to the appall of lawmakers and the public alike, a legal loophole exists in Nebraska that makes it possible for convicted rapists to seek visitation rights and custody of their children conceived via rape. However, Omaha Senator Sara Howard is supporting a change to the law that would prevent rapists from seeking such parental rights.

Establishing paternity when a mother has denied it

It's a fact of nature that the issue of paternity can be debated. If a woman has multiple partners, she might not know who the father is. Or, if the mother and father were not married, the mother may try to conceal the father's identity -- even claim that the child's father is unknown.

Omaha fathers have the right to be parents

It takes two people to have a child, and according to the leading psychological theories, it takes two parents to raise a child. Children also benefit from continued contact from both their biological parents. However, traditions are hard to break and sometimes Omaha fathers may feel like they're getting the short end of the stick when it comes to their child custody proceedings.

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