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People in life can help with single parenting

Some parents believe it takes a lot of people in a lot of roles to properly raise a child with good values. Some parents go it alone, and that may seem literal when parents are single and don't live together. But no parent is beyond getting help.

Fathers have the same chances to custody rights

Arguing for paternity is not how fathers expect to be recognized. Many hope that a marriage will be enough, and some do not expect to become fathers at all. But the struggle can seem monumental when you sit down and consider all the forms and requirements.

Why would fathers need to prove they are fathers?

When you love a child, you don't much care what your specific relationship to one is beyond knowing who is family. This connection may be most common in biological parents in a marriage, but there are all sorts of modern ways that families come together or work together while they are apart.

Proving paternity is more than saying you're the father

Nebraska allows men who believe they may be the unrecognized father of a child to assert a right for a paternity test. A marital connection to the mother at birth may be recognized as legal paternity, but it can be overturned if a person shows biological evidence of fatherhood.

Don't hesitate to request a modification if you need one

A lot of work goes into developing a child support order. Nebraska courts must work out a monthly child support obligation, health insurance and an order to pay for child care expenses. Often, the father or other paying parent goes through a series of hearings in which they try to get the total obligation amount at a reasonable level.

Tips for the father trying to survive a custody battle

Custody battles are stressful, to say the least, for all parties involved. They can sometimes be even more intense as a father. In some courtrooms, it can be a steep, uphill battle for a father to prove that it would be in the child's best interest for him to be awarded custody. Understandably, the stress of doing so can create much tension and pent up anger. If a father reaches his boiling point and acts on those emotions, he can hurt his chances of a favorable decision. Here, we give you some tips of what not to do while going through a custody battle.

A father's ally in the courtroom

It is no secret that in some courtrooms fathers have to work twice as hard to prove their value in a child's life. It is also no secret that implicit bias exists, even in our judicial system. Traditional gender roles in a family often sway a judge's decision when deciding matters such as child custody, visitation, and the best interests of a child. Therefore, wouldn't it make sense to obtain the services of an attorney who is also willing to work twice as hard to prove your parenting fitness?

Single dads are more common than one might think

On an anecdotal level, it might seem that a single father raising his children is a rare sight indeed. However, while it is true that there are many more single mothers than fathers, dads doing their best to provide a home for their children is not as uncommon of a phenomenon as one might think.

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