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What are the 3 types of protection orders in Nebraska?

In Omaha, Nebraska, there are three types of protection orders that someone may apply for if they feel they are in danger from another person. The type of protection order is determined by the relationship the alleged victim has with the alleged perpetrator. There are three types of protection orders available in Douglas County.

Bill: No firearms for juvenile domestic violence offenders

Nebraska's Judiciary Committee has moved LB990 from committee and sent it to the Legislature. The bill's main topic is to prohibit juveniles who have been adjudicated for misdemeanor domestic violence or for felonies from having firearms until they are at least 25 years of age.

The 8 kinds of domestic violence: Are you a victim?

The necessary steps required to resolve a domestic violence problem are determining that you are a victim and speaking up to make the abuse stop. If you're a victim, however, this is a lot more difficult to do than one might think. It takes great courage and a strong sense of empowerment to stand up against an abuser.

Remember that men can be victims of domestic violence

It's very important not to stereotype domestic violence victims. While they are often women, it is very possible for men to be the victims in these abusive relationships. Their rights can't be ignored.

Reasons police mark domestic violence cases as unfounded

When you see that a domestic violence case has been deemed "unfounded" by the police, your first thought is probably that the person making the accusations lied. This could happen during a divorce case, for instance, when one person makes up claims to try to get full custody of the kids.

Domestic violence victims helped with housing

Domestic violence victims in northwest Houston are being helped when it comes to finding housing thanks to a brand new nonprofit program. The program received $1 million from a federal grant, which began in December. The program is being run by Northwest Assistance Ministries through the Family Violence Center.

Domestic violence restraining orders in Nebraska

The most difficult part of any long-term domestic violence scenario in Nebraska is not the difficulty in putting it to a stop. It's the difficulty in empowering victims to come forward and say "enough is enough." Nebraska has numerous laws that protect victims of domestic violence. Victims can get restraining orders, remove their children from the abuser and even bring their pets with them if they have to leave their homes.

When protection orders are abused

The state of Nebraska is concerned with protecting the victims of abuse, and it seeks to stop any situations of abuse immediately. In fact, the state is so concerned that it will usually take the side of those who claim to be victims and bar the other parent from having contact with that person based on little information beyond he-said-she-said accounts.

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