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What is a QDRO?

For many in the Omaha area, their retirement plan is one of their most important financial assets. With some consistency, it can become a source of great wealth. Moreover, there is an emotional component to a retirement plan as well, as many feel they worked very hard for that money and do not want to part with it.

It might not be a good time to quit that job

Many fathers and soon-to-be fathers have jobs that, less face it, they do because it brings in a paycheck. Many men in Omaha and the other communities of Eastern Nebraska probably would like at some point to change professions and do something they truly find fulfilling, even if it means taking a significant pay cut.

Am I allowed to keep my offshore account?

In cases involving divorce or, for that matter, other types of separation, especially when the couple splitting has a lot of assets, there is always a concern that one of them will try to conceal wealth outside the reach of the other party. The plan in this case would be to wait until a more convenient time when they can access the money for themselves without having to share it.

Social media posts can hurt men in divorce, separation cases

A previous post on this blog talked about how a careless social media post on Facebook or Twitter, or one written hurriedly or in anger, can came back to haunt a man who is trying to forge a relationship with his child through custody or parenting time.

What federal law does, doesn't do with military pensions

Being close to a major Air Force base, Omaha is the home to many men who are in the service. The military is a great career for many husbands and fathers, as it offers the prospect of security as well as decent pay and benefits, particularly as one progresses through the ranks.

Capital gains another potential divorce tax consequence

A previous post on this blog talked about how dads in the Omaha area may obtain through a family court the right to claim their children on their tax returns, even if they do not have the children in their care most of the time. This is just one of many areas in which taxes touch on the subject of divorce and, for that matter, any sort of separation in which an individual is trying to untangle his or her financial and personal affairs from an estranged spouse or long-term partner.

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