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Dads Have Rights, Too

Omaha Father’s Rights Lawyer

Experienced Divorce and Child Custody Lawyer in Douglas County and Surrounding Counties

At The Law Offices of James A. Adams, P.C., L.L.O., we aggressively represent fathers who understand the importance of taking an active role in raising their children. Our clients want to maintain their rights to guide their children toward successful futures. These cases can be very combative, difficult and intense. At The Law Offices of James A. Adams, P.C., L.L.O., we specialize in these types of cases. If it were easy, anyone could handle these cases. You need someone who is up to the challenge.

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Former Marine Sniper Prepared for Courtroom Battle

A History of Fighting for the Right Cause

Our founding attorney, James A. Adams, has built his practice on a foundation of aggressive representation, straightforward advice, honesty and integrity. In more than 21 years of legal advocacy, he has focused his pitbull mentality on securing rights for numerous Nebraska and out-of-state fathers.

Our law firm takes on difficult cases and climbs into the trenches no matter how messy it gets. Centered on protecting fathers and their families and preserving family relationships by providing personal attention and powerful litigation services, we assist people in a variety of family law practice areas.

Safeguarding the Rights of Fathers

Fathers’ rights are often disregarded or neglected in a divorce, paternity, and in modification cases involving custody, child support or other matters. Traditionally, mothers were viewed as the natural caretakers of children, while fathers were seen as the breadwinners. However, times are changing, and our Omaha fathers’ rights attorney is adept at handling cases where fathers are seeking to protect and assert their rights against the historic gender bias.

We believe that if you were once an involved dad, you have the right to remain involved in the lives of your children. We will fully evaluate your case, assess your potential to win custody and fight for your rights. Our motto is DADS HAVE RIGHTS TOO!

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