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5 tips to become the best father you can

You and your spouse are getting divorced, so your role as a father is changing a bit. However, the first thing you thought when your spouse asked for that divorce was simple. You wanted to be the best father you could be for your children.

Your relationship with them is the most important thing in the world to you, even as your marital relationship is changing.

Is an abusive spouse 'gaslighting' you?

Domestic abuse comes in various forms, not all of which leave visible scars. However, the damage it leaves behind can be severe.

One form of non-physical abuse is called "gaslighting." Designed to psychologically destabilize the victim, gaslighting is a particularly insidious form of abuse. It causes victims to no longer be able to trust the information they receive from their five senses.

Co-parenting is vital to a child's success

Many in Nebraska are realizing that family law needs to be reformed. According to one citizen in the state, the single largest cause of fatherlessness is judges. Children who grow up in homes where their father is not present can be seriously affected -- and not positively.

Many judges continue to stand by the outdated parenting time agreement of two weekends a month. Some of the impacts that an absent father can have on a child include:

  • More likely to use alcohol and drugs
  • More likely to have long-term mental health problems
  • More likely to have long-term physical problems
  • More likely to live shorter lives
  • More likely to engage in delinquency behavior
  • More likely to attain lower levels of education

Are you ready to be fatherfull?

Certainly everyone has heard the dire results of fatherless children here in the United States. One Gallup Poll indicated that over 90 percent of Americans feel that fathers make unique contributions to their kids' lives. But have you ever considered the actual effects that being fatherfull can have on your children?

There is evidence to support the concept that when fathers remain involved and engaged in their children's lives, the kids are the winners. From better behavior to higher school performance, dads can improve their sons' and daughters' lifestyles even when they live apart from their offspring.

Plan for fun with your children on vacation this summer

Family vacations are meant to be fun, but the first one after you go through a divorce might seem more of a challenge. If you are facing the first vacation since your split, you probably want it to be memorable for you and your children.

While you are planning your vacation, you do have some new things to think about. These are all matters related to child custody. Here are a few to consider to get you started:

Doing nothing with your children may be the most valuable pastime

When setting up your parenting plan, you may start mentally planning for all of the things you want to do with your kids. You want to make sure every second you spend with them is productive and fun.

Your intentions are good, but parenting experts warn against planning too much and trying to "do it all." They say some of your most important time together may just be the time that you're doing nothing at all.

Bill: No firearms for juvenile domestic violence offenders

Nebraska's Judiciary Committee has moved LB990 from committee and sent it to the Legislature. The bill's main topic is to prohibit juveniles who have been adjudicated for misdemeanor domestic violence or for felonies from having firearms until they are at least 25 years of age.

Should such a juvenile be found in possession of a firearm, he or she would face a Class IV felony the first time. After that, the charge would be a Class IIIA felony. The penalties for a Class IV felony include up to two years in prison followed by 12 months of supervision post-release, a fine of $10,000 or both. If there is a prison sentence, then the post-release supervision will be a minimum of nine months.

Why is it so important to establish paternity?

If you are an unmarried dad, you might not think that it is very important to establish paternity of your child. You informally acknowledged that you are the dad and are involved with the baby's mother, so what's the big deal?

It actually is a very big deal. Here's some good reasons why.

4 reasons fathers need time with their children

The time that fathers spend with their children is invaluable. It's very important for them to get this time together, even if the father and mother have decided to get divorced. The children still need that time with each parent.

Below are four main reasons that fathers must get adequate time with the kids:

  1. Children feel important. They feel loved. They see that their father cares about being with them, and that makes them more confident and increases self-esteem. It often doesn't even matter what they do together. Just carving out that time helps.
  2. Fathers learn about their children's abilities and development. This increases the quality of time spent together because fathers know what the children like to do, what they're able to do and what to expect.
  3. Children grow up all too quickly. When the kids turn 18 and move out of the house, heading off to college, many parents wish they could go back and spend more time with their kids at five or 10 years old. They can't believe how fast it went by. Fathers need that time when the kids are young, because they can never get it back.
  4. Fathers can help children avoid issues as they grow up. Studies have found, for instance, that young boy who grow up without a solid father figure are statistically more likely to struggle with aggression. This can lead to all manner of issues, from problems at school to criminal charges. Fathers who are present and engaged with their kids may, merely by being around, be able to help their kids avoid these problems.

Can a parent regain custody of a child after rehabilitation?

Coming to terms with addiction through rehabilitation is an important step along the path to healthy living for many people. Unfortunately for parents who struggle with addiction, that step may come with additional hardship if a court revokes custody upon the parent entering a rehab facility.

Depending on other factors, it may prove very difficult for a parent to regain custody after completing his or her stay. However, with the right help, it is usually possible.

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