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Other reasons to consider a premarital agreement

A previous post on this blog talked about how Omaha men can protect their business assets via a premarital agreement. Indeed, in some cases, one's business partners can even insist that a man execute a premarital agreement before tying the knot just to make sure the enterprise is protected from the fallout of a high-asset divorce.

There are other reasons to consider a premarital agreement, however. For instance, and especially if a man has children from a prior relationship, a premarital agreement can serve to protect his estate plan.

Why children need strong father figures

Sadly, many children grow up without both of their biological parents. Some of these children will have step-parents or adoptive parents who care for them, and others will only have one parent with whom they have a strong relationship. Children are resilient, and they can thrive in many different household situations. However, being in a loving environment that is free from violence, abuse and neglect is one of the most important factors in a child's upbringing.

Studies have also shown that children benefit greatly from paternal as well as maternal figures in their lives. Children who have grown up with engaged fathers have a significantly lower chance of going to jail or dropping out of school. If you are trying to gain custody of your child as a father, it is important that you understand the impact that paternal roles have in a child's life so that you can feel more empowered to take action.

Having involved dads helps children in school

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, the presence of fathers in their children's lives has a number of important benefits for both the dads and their kids. This is one reason why our law firm dedicates its time and attention to helping men establish and protect their fathers' rights to see their children regularly and have a role in making important decisions on their behalf.

In this respect, several studies have suggested that children who have dads who are involved in their lives, particularly with respect to their education, perform better in school overall. To start, children whose fathers are involved tend to have fewer discipline problems at school.

Building a strong parenting agreement to protect your rights

Fighting for your rights as a father can feel like an uphill battle, especially if your child's other parent fights against you. The time that you spend with your child is an irreplaceable treasure, and you should always protect it carefully. For many parents, this begins with the parenting agreement.

A parenting agreement represents how two parents agree to raise their child separately, including behavior guidelines for both parents and remedies in the event that one or both parents violate these boundaries. If you want to keep your parental rights secure after divorce, you must have a strong parenting agreement.

We can help men with the details of their parenting plans

A previous post on this blog talked about the right of first refusal and its importance to many Nebraska fathers. Basically, in Nebraska, this right to provide childcare to one's own children needs to be protected in a man's court-ordered parenting plan. Otherwise, it can be very hard to assert successfully.

The right of first refusal is not unique in this respect. Indeed, under Nebraska law, parents are expected to come up with a parenting plan that addresses all aspects of how each parent is going to be responsible for their child's well-being. Moreover, the plan should specify when each parent will have the right to see their children.

Men should consider protecting the right of first refusal

As previously discussed on this blog, in Nebraska, lawmakers and judges alike prefer not to set out standard parenting plans but to create one that meets a family's unique circumstances. While, ideally, the parents themselves manage to negotiate a parenting plan, the court is able to create one for the parties if they cannot agree.

In either case, though, what is in the parenting plan will determine a father's rights and responsibilities on a number of matters, including all significant issues relating to the raising of his children. The parenting plan will also specify when the father can expect to have the children with him.

How might my fringe benefits affect my divorce?

One of the nicest perks that many Omaha men enjoy at their jobs is fringe benefits. Many, if not most, people get some sort of fringe benefits, even if it is only paid vacation. However, particularly among executives and professionals, other lucrative benefits may be available as well. For instance, a man may get the benefit of using a company car even for his personal transportation. In other cases, he may be able to use stock options to buy company stock at a below-market price, thus making hundreds if not thousands of dollars almost instantly.

It is important to remember, though, that, in the event of a divorce, legal separation or even a dispute between unmarried couples with children, these fringe benefits can play an important role. If not accounted for at the outset, they could lead to a nasty surprise in that a man may discover he owes more in things like child support, alimony or property division payments than he expected.

Fathers: Don't let bias take charge of your custody case

Fathers deserve the chance to be with their children in the same way that mothers do. Both parents are part of creating a child, and they should both be part of taking care of and raising their children.

As a father, you may be concerned that you won't get the custody allowance that you'd like, especially because your child is young. In your experience, people around you believe that a mother takes better care of young children, but you disagree.

Some tips to dads for creating a parenting plan that lasts

As this blog has discussed previously, Nebraska law strongly encourages dads in this state to work with their children's mothers to come up with a parenting plan that works for all parties involved.

The parenting plan is a legally binding document. When it comes to deciding which parent can make what decisions or who can have the child on which days, the terms of the parenting plan will control.

What are my options if a protection order is granted?

A previous post talked about how men in Omaha can face serious consequences if they have a protection order entered against them. These consequences can include losing the right to possess a firearm, being evicted from one's home and other penalties beyond just being ordered to stay away from the alleged victim.

Domestic abuse protection orders are treated as legal injunctions in all respects except that violating them comes with criminal penalties. What this means is that, like other court orders, a man can ask for the protection order to be changed, at least to a certain extent.

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