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Sons benefit from having a father figure

Fathers' rights are important for many reasons, just one of which is the impact that fathers have on their sons. Many studies have shown that young boys who have father figures enjoy advantages that others do not have.

For instance, some studies have shown that the odds of a young man developing substance abuse and addiction problems go down when that person has a father figure in his life. This isn't to say that the risk is entirely gone, but it's less common than with those who don't have a father figure.

Women's changing workplace roles alter men's roles with kids

Fathers' roles with their children have been changing, some experts claim, as many fathers are involved more in caring for and nurturing their children. Long thought of as the role of mothers, fathers in recent years have shown that they can take on those same tasks and raise well-adjusted children.

One expert studied the change and noted that one reason for it may be the way that women's roles in the workplace are shifting. They are getting more job opportunities and finding fulfillment in their careers more often. He noted that in more than 5 million households, women were making more than men.

The difference between physical and legal custody, with examples

Parents often talk about having joint custody as if that's a blanket term that addresses everything having to do with the kids. That's not how it works. For fathers going through divorce, it's wise not to make any assumptions.

Maybe you and your wife were together for 10 years. You got married right before your first child was born -- that pregnancy pushed you into the marriage -- and then you had another child three years later.

Parenting time: The little things matter

Want to make your parenting schedule work after you and your spouse get divorced? Remember that the little details matter. When setting up your parenting plan, consider the small ways that you can make things go smoothly.

For instance, some suggest never picking the kids up from your ex's house, or having your ex pick them up from your house. Instead, the parent who has the kids should drive to the other person's house and drop the kids off.

Frequent visitation aids in childhood development

Childhood development experts note that kids need to be involved with both parents in order to undergo normal development. While this is important at any age, it's especially critical for the formative years between 6 years old and 12 years old.

Between 6 and 8, kids are starting to become independent. Some of the skills they need for this are developing. They're also expanding their sphere as they create groups of friends and stronger relationships outside of the home.

3 reasons parents should both be involved with the kids

Ideally, your parenting plan will give both parents a chance to spend time with the children. In the past, children have been more likely to land with their mothers. However, the modern focus is centered far more on achieving equality in parenting time and custody.

Why the change? Below are three reasons why it's good for parents to both get time with the kids.

  1. Time with both parents can help reduce the odds of issues later on in the child's life. Regardless of financial status and all else, children benefit for their entire lives when they get to spend time with both mom and dad during their formative years.
  2. Children want to see their fathers. Research has focused on this because, as noted above, mothers have tended to get custody more often for decades. Children often feel that they're losing something when that means dad is cut out of their lives.
  3. Children, if given a choice, generally want to live with both mom and dad. They do not want to live only with one parent. Now, there are other factors that must be considered, but the court does try to focus on the child's best interests. The children's preferences and desires have to factor in, especially as they get older.

Remember that men can be victims of domestic violence

It's very important not to stereotype domestic violence victims. While they are often women, it is very possible for men to be the victims in these abusive relationships. Their rights can't be ignored.

Some studies have found that roughly one out of every seven men have been physically abused by someone they considered an intimate partner. That study looked at those 18 years old and older, but there is always a chance of similar abuse for younger men.

What is the biggest reason paternity tests are wrong?

You were thinking about getting a paternity test, but you're worried that it's going to be wrong. You've heard people talk about this happening in the past.

Some of the reasons seem a bit far-fetched, though. For example, you've heard of chimeras. These are people who originally would have been just one half of a pair of fraternal twins, but the cells combined in the womb into a single individual. Or you've heard about people who had two partners who they didn't realize were related, making it hard to match the DNA to the father and the child.

Studies show that gender bias continues

In divorce court, gender bias often negatively impacts men. Courts often show a tendency to put children with their mothers instead of their fathers, rather than giving each equal ground.

This has been changing over the years. There has been a movement toward more equal treatment. But studies show that this mindset has not yet entirely been eliminated.

5 important upsides to joint custody

Over the years, joint custody has become more and more popular, and fathers' rights get recognized today in a way they simply haven't been before. Shared custody is better for parents who want to stay involved, and research has directly linked it to positive development for the kids.

Naturally, there are situations that fall outside of the norm, but courts in most cases will seek a shared custody solution. To understand why this shift has happened as you move toward your own divorce, consider the five benefits listed below.

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