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Omaha men more likely to face divorce in January

January is anecdotally known as Divorce Month, a time in which couples start the process of divorcing, legally separating or otherwise breaking up. At least according to one organization of family lawyers, there is some truth behind this label. The organization said that new filings for divorce increase to levels that are 33 percent above what the organization considers normal.

Additional data backs up the organization's statement. At least in 2019, the number of people using Google to find information about divorce peaked out in early January.

Warning signs of parental alienation in a Nebraska divorce

Joint or shared custody with your ex after divorce can lead to unpleasant discussions and confrontations even in the best circumstances. In a highly contentious divorce, it is possible that one parent will use the children as a weapon against the other, with potentially disastrous results for the children.

One parent may try to limit or eliminate the access of the other to the children, even if there is a custody order allocating parenting time to their ex. They may do this by denying visitation or by intentionally turning the children against their other parent.

Will fathers be surprised by divorce statistics?

Going through a divorce is often a difficult process for both spouses, but, in some cases, men feel as if they get the "short end of the stick." This might be especially true for men who have children and are involved in a child custody dispute. Overall, divorce statistics in America show a stark, and sometimes shocking, picture of how these cases are handled, who is involved and what the end result might be.

For example, a recent report noted that the overall divorce rate in America has been on the decline in recent years. But, in 2018, there were over 780,000 divorces and annulments in this country.

Does your divorce threaten to dissolve your business?

Divorce impacts many areas of life, both personal and practical. For business owners, divorce may require extra planning and careful execution. Without a strong legal strategy, a business owner's divorce may end up dissolving or crippling the business itself, affecting employees and clients of the business as well.

If you own a business and see divorce in your future, now is the time to begin building your divorce strategy. Businesses take many forms, from simple operations one can run out of a spare room to companies with multiple employees. Still, a business is essentially a piece of property that a person may own, meaning that businesses qualify as property that spouses may divide in divorce. Protecting your business may require significant sacrifices, so you must prepare properly to create the future you want after your divorce finalizes.

An overview of protection orders in Nebraska

Sometimes a divorce in Nebraska can be very contentious. Sometimes the arguing goes beyond mere words and one party might accuse the other of physically harming or harassing them. Even if those accusations are false, it is not unknown for a person to try to pursue a protection order in order to gain an unfair advantage in the divorce.

A protection order is issued by a judge when a person has been accused of abusing, sexually assaulting or harassing another person. What type of order is issued depends on the relationship between the accused and the person seeking the order and the type of behavior reportedly at issue.

Co-parenting during the holiday season

The winter holidays can be a time of joy, but they can also be a time of stress, especially for divorced parents.

Parents in Omaha who are no longer in a relationship with one another will have to take some extra steps during the holidays in order to successfully co-parent during this time of year.

Enforcing your parenting plan if your ex refuses parenting time

Divorcing as a parent in Nebraska means worrying about what changes in custody will mean for your relationship with your children. Specifically, if things become very contentious with your ex, you might worry that they will withhold parenting time from you as a means of punishing you for the problems in your relationship.

However, both temporary and final parenting plans associated with a divorce are court orders that your ex must comply with, even if they have primary custody. Much like you have an obligation to pay your child support on time and in full, your ex has an obligation to not just allow but encourage and facilitate your parenting time with the children. The kids will benefit from having a good relationship with both parents after the divorce.

Pizza chain founder involved in high-asset divorce

Pizza is a popular food amongst many in Omaha, and many people have a preferred chain where they get their pies. Some fans of the pizza chain Papa John's may be interested to learn that founder John Schnatter's wife has taken legal steps to end their marriage of over three decades.

Schnatter's wife filed for divorce on the grounds that their union was "irretrievably broken." Schnatter and his wife had been married for 32 years, but they have been separated since the beginning of April. The couple may have already settled their property division issues, as Schnatter's wife requested that a settlement agreement between the two be made part of the court's decree. Although the value of Papa John's stock has gone down recently, Schnatter's net worth reportedly amounts to $500 million. Schnatter currently owns 19% of the business.

Don't hesitate to request a modification if you need one

A lot of work goes into developing a child support order. Nebraska courts must work out a monthly child support obligation, health insurance and an order to pay for child care expenses. Often, the father or other paying parent goes through a series of hearings in which they try to get the total obligation amount at a reasonable level.

After going through all that -- not to mention any related issues of paternity, child custody and divorce -- it's understandable if the father doesn't want to ever step foot in a courtroom again.

Issues that can lead to one parent getting full custody

For the most part, the Nebraska courts try to create custody arrangements in parenting plans that focus on the best interests of the children. In almost all situations, those best interests will involve having a good relationship with both of their parents after the divorce.

Psychological and sociological research has made it clear that both parents remaining active in the lives of children after divorce is of the utmost importance for their healthy development. As a result, the courts are less likely than ever before to grant full custody to one parent over the other.

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