Dads have Rights Too

Dads have Rights Too

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Dads, divorce and protecting the interests of the children

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2023 | Fathers' Rights

As a father, one of your primary concerns during a divorce is protecting the best interests of your children. You know how important it is to protect the relationship you have with your children, which means that you will want to provide them with a strong and thoughtful custody and visitation order. Unfortunately, many Nebraska dads find that the divorce process is particularly difficult for them, and they may need to fight for their parental rights. 

It is especially important for you to know how to protect your parental rights and the interests of your kids during divorce. Being prepared and knowledgeable on these matters and knowing what to expect can help you navigate the divorce in a way that will allow you to effectively fight for your post-divorce interests. Dads are critical in the lives of their children, and you have the right to fight to maintain that role. 

Dads and child custody 

Whether you want joint custody or sole custody, it is critical that you understand what that means. Having custody requires you to provide for your child financially, be an active contributor to his or her life, and provide a safe place to live while in your care. Custody can also include the right to make important decisions in the life of your child, such as those related to education, religious upbringing and more. Some helpful facts about dads and child custody include: 

  • Fathers have the same custody rights as mothers. 
  • You have the right to pursue a specific custody outcome. 
  • There are times when it is in the interests of the child for the dad to have sole custody. 

Legal custody refers to the right that the parent has to make important decisions for his or her child. Physical custody refers to the amount of time the parent spends with his or her child. You have the right to seek joint or sole legal and physical custody. 

A focus on the kids 

Regardless of how you feel, you will benefit from focusing solely on the needs of the kids above all else when seeking custody. While in some cases it may be beneficial to seek sole custody, in others it is best for the kids if you choose a joint custody approach. If you are unsure of how to seek your desired terms while protecting the interests of your kids, you may benefit from seeking professional guidance.