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January 2020 Archives

Protecting your wealth and possessions in a high asset divorce

Divorce is quite common in Nebraska and throughout the country, but that doesn't mean that the results of divorce cases are the same. In fact, most divorce cases are quite different because each divorcing couple has a unique relationship, as well as a unique amount of assets, possessions and debts that need to be addressed. Protecting those assets during a divorce, particularly in a high asset situation, is oftentimes the primary goal of both parties in the case.

Can your stay-at-home ex really claim part of your pension?

You have spent your entire adult life working hard to support your family. Your wife and your kids enjoyed a healthy and happy life in no small part because you chose to provide that for them. Your spouse stayed home to care for the house and to help raise the children, which means that she did not contribute anything to your household income or to your retirement account.

Celebrity real estate investor in custody battle with ex

A man and his long-time partner, who adopted a daughter together, are now in a custody battle regarding that daughter. The couple climbed to fame as real estate investors turned reality stars. One of the men has an ongoing show on Sirius XM and took airtime to mention the case.

Omaha men more likely to face divorce in January

January is anecdotally known as Divorce Month, a time in which couples start the process of divorcing, legally separating or otherwise breaking up. At least according to one organization of family lawyers, there is some truth behind this label. The organization said that new filings for divorce increase to levels that are 33 percent above what the organization considers normal.

Warning signs of parental alienation in a Nebraska divorce

Joint or shared custody with your ex after divorce can lead to unpleasant discussions and confrontations even in the best circumstances. In a highly contentious divorce, it is possible that one parent will use the children as a weapon against the other, with potentially disastrous results for the children.

Will fathers be surprised by divorce statistics?

Going through a divorce is often a difficult process for both spouses, but, in some cases, men feel as if they get the "short end of the stick." This might be especially true for men who have children and are involved in a child custody dispute. Overall, divorce statistics in America show a stark, and sometimes shocking, picture of how these cases are handled, who is involved and what the end result might be.

Does your divorce threaten to dissolve your business?

Divorce impacts many areas of life, both personal and practical. For business owners, divorce may require extra planning and careful execution. Without a strong legal strategy, a business owner's divorce may end up dissolving or crippling the business itself, affecting employees and clients of the business as well.

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