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Dads have Rights Too

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Is birdnesting the right approach for your custody plan?

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2024 | Divorce

One of the most difficult aspects of a divorce is determining how this decision will impact the kids. As a parent, you want to make choices that are in their best interests, but it is difficult to know exactly how your decisions will affect your kids. It is not easy to make practical and sustainable custody decisions, but for some families, they find that birdnesting is a beneficial option.

With a birdnesting custody arrangement, the kids will remain in one home. Each parent will take turns rotating in and out of the home when it is his or her designated custody time. Those who choose this option find that this is a beneficial way to provide children with continuity of lifestyle and stability. It is important to understand all the custody options that are available to you.

Make the most beneficial decision for your family

For many Nebraska families, birdnesting makes sense. This can keep the kids in their home, which may allow them to feel a sense of security during a time of upheaval. It also allows the kids to maintain one set of belongings, have one place to sleep and one home they call their own. This specific type of custody arrangement is growing in popularity, but it is not the right choice for everyone. Whether this option could work for your family depends on factors that are unique to your individual situation.

While kids may benefit from this custody structure, parents may find it difficult. This option requires the finances to maintain the home for the kids, and a separate residence for each parent. Some families find that birdnesting is a great solution short-term, providing their kids with stability as each parent navigates divorce and settles into his or her post-divorce life. It is important to consider the potential benefits and implications before making such an important choice.

The interests of the kids

The intention of any custody arrangement is to protect the best interests of the children above all else. If you are considering birdnesting, you may find it important to seek the guidance of an experienced family law professional who can provide you with insight regarding all the custody options available to you. The ultimate goal of any custody decision is to protect the best interests of the children above all else.