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When divorcing spouses have children with special needs

Divorcing with children represents unique challenges to those going through the process. Divorcing with children with special needs makes those challenges even more complex to deal with. More decisions, and more difficult considerations, will come into play when dissolving a marriage that involves a child with special needs.

Nebraska protection orders

Nebraska laws that designed to protect the victims of domestic violence are made for swift action. That's because most victims of domestic violence do not have the luxury of waiting to receive protection from the law. However, that does not prevent protection orders and domestic violence-related laws from being abused in our state.

Father may receive parental rights after 8-year battle

A father may finally receive primary custody of his daughter after an 8-year custody battle. The custody battle relates to a girl who was born in 2008, and then given up for adoption by the mother -- who wanted the girl to be given to her brother and sister-in-law. However, the mother did not obtain the father's permission before giving the baby up for adoption.

How do I navigate the holidays as a co-parent?

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, no matter what kind of religious tradition you come from. However, many of us have a skewed view of what the holidays should look like, and that view often involves a traditional nuclear family that includes two parents and however many children huddled around a fire sharing the blessings and closeness of the winter months together.

Factors judges consider when determining a child's best interest

Child custody matters in Nebraska hinge on the best interest of the child or children concerned. What this means is that the child's best interest take precedence, within reason, over the interests of the parents. However, the best interests of a child may become a subject of intense debated during family court proceedings, so what factors do judges consider when evaluating this important question?

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