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When protection orders are abused

The state of Nebraska is concerned with protecting the victims of abuse, and it seeks to stop any situations of abuse immediately. In fact, the state is so concerned that it will usually take the side of those who claim to be victims and bar the other parent from having contact with that person based on little information beyond he-said-she-said accounts.

Important vocabulary for parents who want to leave Nebraska

If you're a single parent who wants to move to another state with your child, you must get approval from the court. In many cases, it may not be possible to gain permission for this kind of move, but sometimes, the court will approve of your request.

5 categories of domestic violence

Domestic violence generally refers to acts of violence or intimidation against a victim who cohabits with -- or was romantically involved with -- the abuser. In most cases, domestic violence will fall under five primary categories of abuse. These include:

Disproving you're not the father of a child

People get together and break up quickly in Nebraska. One week two people are a couple and the next week they're not. When you mix a pregnancy into this equation, you might have a lot of questions about who the father is. Sometimes, a mother may identify the wrong father in these situations.

Tips shared parenting during the summer

Newly divorced Nebraska parents will face unique challenges during the summertime -- when the kids are out of school. For example, it could be hard to organize where the children will be -- and who will care for them and when to pick them up -- because their schedules will be different.

Legal custody vs. physical custody

Raising children when you are divorced can be very complicated. Trying to manage custody issues with the other parent often makes things challenging and complex, especially when you cannot agree on a parenting plan. Part of reaching an agreement that benefits your children is understanding two important aspects of custody: physical and legal.

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