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Tips shared parenting during the summer

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2017 | Parenting Plans And Parenting Time

Newly divorced Nebraska parents will face unique challenges during the summertime — when the kids are out of school. For example, it could be hard to organize where the children will be — and who will care for them and when to pick them up — because their schedules will be different.

To navigate summertime changes with ease, here are a few tips for newly divorced parents to keep in mind:

— Keep open lines of communication with the other parent: It might seem obvious, but with a busy schedule, it can be easy to forget about notifying the other parent of a schedule change. Also, make sure you tell the other parent about your vacation plans and other summer activities well in advance.

— Think about how your decisions affect your child’s emotions: For example, if the custody plan changes over summer, think about how your child will miss the other parent. Make sure your child has as much voice and digital contact with the other parent as possible.

— Never skip a child supper payment: Even if your child has been spending more time with you during the summer, you can’t just stop paying the full amount of your required maintenance payments without applying for a modification.

Finally, consult your attorney before making any legal decisions over the summers. Remember that your custody arrangements in your parenting plan will stay the same regardless if it’s summer or not. Unless you’ve specified particular summertime arrangements ahead of time, if you’re planning to make a drastic change, you’ll want to talk it over with your lawyer first.

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