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Is the mother of your children disobeying your divorce decree?

Court orders must be followed to the letter by both spouses following the finalization of a divorce case or out-of-court divorce agreement. This refers to any and all provisions of a divorce agreement or divorce decree relating to spousal support, parenting plans, asset distribution, child custody, child support and any other provisions. Spouses who do not follow their divorce decrees could be found in contempt of court.

What is the legal importance of establishing paternity?

Few Nebraska residents can dispute the general importance of having a child's paternity established. Doing so benefits all parties involved especially the child and his or her parents. Sometimes when an unmarried couple has a child, they feel no need to establish paternity legally because they are a couple or maintain a friendly relationship.

Battling false allegations of domestic violence against children

Child abuse is a difficult subject for parents to think about and most would never stoop to making false allegations against his or her spouse. Unfortunately, family law issues like divorce or child custody can negatively change the character of even the most honest people. Allegations of domestic violence or outright child abuse have become a powerful weapon that many divorcing spouses wield with a vengeance.

Can substance abuse allegations derail your custody case?

One underhanded way to get the drop on the other parent in a custody battle is to accuse him or her of having a substance abuse problem. When the allegations involve an illegal drug, that's even more damning, but alcoholism - the old standby - will still raise red flags regarding child custody and visitation matters.

Putting Nebraska parenting plans into focus

The state of Nebraska is one of many that puts a great deal of focus on parenting after divorce. During the 20th Century, the climbing divorce rate in America taught the public many things. Chief among these is the importance of the health and emotional well being of the children of divorce. As the nation entered the 21st Century, it is safe to assume that lawmakers as well as the general public were more concerned than ever about protecting and providing for these children.

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