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February 2017 Archives

Parents could lose custody rights after tragic DUI crash

A Nebraska mother and father are trying to keep their parental rights after the father was accused of drunk driving with his young daughter in the car. The 36-year-old man allegedly caused a car accident while inebriated, causing the girl to suffer critical injuries in the crash.

Omaha fathers have the right to be parents

It takes two people to have a child, and according to the leading psychological theories, it takes two parents to raise a child. Children also benefit from continued contact from both their biological parents. However, traditions are hard to break and sometimes Omaha fathers may feel like they're getting the short end of the stick when it comes to their child custody proceedings.

3 points young military fathers must know about child custody

Your ex couldn't handle your military service and opted to file for a divorce. Now, you are in a battle over your children. She wants to keep the children away from you, but you decided to fight for your children. Even though you are in the military, this doesn't mean that you must give up on your children. You have rights and options that you can exercise in a military divorce and child custody case.

Factors in a paternity lawsuit

When it comes to establishing paternity, the issue could be a lot more complicated than just a DNA test. For example, witnesses might be called to testify on your behalf or against you in court relating to your parenting abilities. Other issues that could be addressed in a paternity suit -- because they could affect a father's success in establishing paternity -- relate to a father's criminal background.

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