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Can I keep my gun if I receive a protection order?

As this blog has discussed before, if a man in Omaha receives a domestic abuse protection order, he should consider taking appropriate legal action to defend himself. In addition to limiting his movement and his ability to contact his spouse or significant other, even if she has custody of his children, many of his other rights may also be affected.

Considerations for child custody within a military family

Service members who have children have special considerations that they need to think about if they are in the midst of a child custody case. These are due to the nature of their service and the needs of the children. While it might seem rather daunting to have a custody case in the midst of your time in the military, it doesn't have to be.

More on Nebraska premarital agreements

A previous post on this blog talked about how a man can protect his business interests via a prenuptial agreement. As this post described, as long as a man follows state law, a valid premarital agreement can go a long way to protect his assets in the event of a high-asset divorce or a separation.

Your children need both parents for their well-being

There is a particularly insidious belief that fathers somehow play a less critical role in the development and mental health of children than mothers do. There is often a cultural bias that expects parenting work from mothers but not fathers. For some time, that may have led to the courts preferring to place children with one parent instead of creating shared custody scenarios.

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