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Dads have Rights Too

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The basics of paternity in Nebraska

On Behalf of | May 17, 2019 | Paternity And Custody

As this blog has mentioned on previous occasions, the gateway to an Omaha, Nebraska man getting parental rights to see and have a relationship with his son or daughter involves establishing paternity.

Without establishing paternity, a man has no way of legally claiming his parental rights to have access to his child. Whether he gets to see the child or have a role in the child’s life is entirely up to the child’s mother.

In Nebraska, a man has a limited time during which he can establish paternity. There are also rules about how long the child has to live in Nebraska before a man can file a court action in one of the courts in or around Omaha, even if he himself has lived in the area all of his life.

There is also a lot of paperwork a man will have to file when trying to establish paternity. In addition to the basic form, the man must also submit certain information so that the court can properly set child support and provide for the child’s medical care.

Perhaps more importantly, the man will ideally be able to work with the child’s mother in order to file the parenting plan required under Nebraska law. Parenting plans must provide for child custody, both legal and physical, as well as a schedule as to when each parent will have the opportunity to see the child.

While there are forms a dad can use to try to establish paternity on his own, as one can hopefully see, the process is complex and can get downright overwhelming. It is a generally good idea for a man who is interested in establishing paternity to seek out the advice of an experienced fathers’ rights attorney.