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Allegations of abuse can affect a dad's parenting time

Although Nebraska law generally presumes that a dad should have liberal parenting time and a considerable say in how his child is raised, even when he does not care for the child most of the time, there are exceptions to this rule.

Fathers: 5 ways to improve your chances of being awarded custody

Fathers have notoriously received significantly less custody than mothers. Whether a Nebraska court rules in favor of individual parents depends on the conduct and ability of each parent to provide for their child. The court always looks at the best interest of your child in determining whether joint custody makes sense for his or her development and safety.

Acknowledgement of paternity in Nebraska

Like other states, Nebraska has a process by which a man and a woman who are unmarried can establish the man's paternity without having to go through the formal process of going to court and having genetic testing. Many couples favor such an approach because it saves times and, in reality, there is no dispute as to who the father of the child is.

What should be included in my parenting plan?

Nebraska is a state that really tries to encourage parents to get along with each other when it comes to custody and parenting time. This approach can be a huge advantage to fathers in the Omaha area who want to maintain a relationship with their children. After all, it means the parents must commit to some co-parenting. It's important to note, however, that this means not just visiting with the children, but also taking responsibility for them.

Is Nebraska a good dad state?

Fathers maintain a challenging task of financially supporting their children through their jobs and finding time in the week to spend time with them. These are two of the most important factors when determining child custody, as courts judge both parents based on their living conditions and the quality of their relationship with their children.

Understanding fathers' rights

In any divorce situation, it's important that all parties involved are able to exercise the rights they deserve. Fathers, of course, are included. When examining the topic of fathers' rights in divorce, it's important to keep in mind that the term covers many different aspects of divorce and separation. Understanding just how much ground the term covers can help those in such situations realize they have more rights than they may initially believe.

Military divorce and custody

Separation and divorce are complicated processes, and even more so when children are involved. Creating a parenting plan is an important – and challenging – piece of the puzzle. Fathers who are members of the military face other uncertainties. Child custody is a big one. What if you get deployed? What if your profession blocks aspects of your parenting responsibilities? These are typical questions asked when a parent is in the military.

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