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You can use child support for these items in Nebraska

Receiving child support payments from the other parent of your child is a big help when you are not living together. These payments make it easier for you to care for your child and help them grow. You might still have to work two or more jobs to make ends meet in Omaha, Nebraska, but the money you receive can be put towards a lot of things for your child.

Dads and custody rights

If you're a father who is frustrated because once again you are spending Father's Day without your children, take heart. There are steps Omaha dads can take that can lead to reunification with their kids.

New co-parenting moms can make Father's Day special

You and your ex are trying your best to co-parent. You both put your children first. As you went through the divorce process, you made all of your decisions with the children in mind. While you and their father have differences, you know that it is important to present yourselves as united.

Why you should ask for help after a restraining order is served

While many may not realize it, divorces and contested child custody disputes can bring out the worst in people at the most inopportune times. Not only can accusations of domestic violence can be troubling obstacles that can derail one's chances of having a fair division of assets, they can also result in the denial of or regular, unsupervised parenting time while the case is pending.

More Nebraska grandparents are caring for grandchildren

For most parents, the assumption is that when children reach adulthood and move out, they can move on from the responsibilities of raising children to enjoy their golden years. When their children have kids, they can become doting grandparents, the kind who take kids on fun outings and spoil them with toys. Sadly, more grandparents in Nebraska are taking up the responsibilities of parents when their children prove unable to handle them.

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