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How much custody time do Nebraska fathers get?

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2018 | Fathers' Rights

Are mothers still favored in child custody matters? The answer may well depend on what state you live in. As a recent study shows, states vary greatly in how much custody time fathers tend to get.

For each state, the study made an estimate on typical father child custody time.

The study found that there are some states in which it is now the norm for fathers to get equal custody time. Specifically, there were 20 states where fathers were found to typically get 50 percent of custody time.

Nebraska was not among these states. Rather, the study found the typical amount of custody time for Nebraska fathers to be 32.9 percent. This puts Nebraska near the middle of the pack when it comes to dad custody time in America. Nebraska’s number is not far off the national average, which is 35 percent. Overall, the report ranked Nebraska 23rd in the nation in custody time given to fathers. Nebraska beat four of its six neighbors when it comes to dad custody time.

The state with the nation’s lowest amount of custody time for fathers was Tennessee, coming in at 21.8 percent.

So, while Nebraska fathers seem to be in a better position in custody matters than those in some other states, it appears that the traditional custody advantage of mothers hasn’t completely disappeared in Nebraska. Given this, it can be particularly important for Nebraska fathers to go into child custody cases properly prepared to stand up for their parental rights. Skilled fathers’ rights attorneys can assist dads with such preparations.