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Father fights for custody of twins given up for adoption

Nebraska mothers sometimes try to give their babies up for adoption without first obtaining permission from the father. However, fathers do have inherent parental rights -- if they can establish paternity -- and if this kind of situation has happened to you, you might be able to take legal action to fight for the custody of your child.

How can I get an order of protection in Omaha?

There are two primary kinds of protective orders, so it's important that Omaha residents consider what kind they need before they apply. One is a Domestic Abuse Protection Order and the other is a Harassment Protection Order.

Stability and tactfulness following an Omaha divorce

According to the United States government, 41 percent of first-time married couples will eventually dissolve their marriages through divorce proceedings. Then, with second-time marriages, there is a 60 percent chance of divorce. With third-time marriages the chances go up to 73 percent. Approximately 30 percent of these divorces involve minor children. Couples who have children as a part of their marriages need to consider their children's best interests throughout the divorce process.

Can paternity be established with a DNA test?

Biological fathers who are not listed on their children's birth certificates, and/or who were not married to the mother of their children at the time of birth, could face challenges in establishing their paternity. However, with modern medical advances, those challenges will not be insurmountable.

3 points a new father should know about his rights

Now that your ex has had your baby, you might wonder exactly what your rights are for being a father to the child. This is a very touchy subject for some people because of the responsibilities that come with having paternity legally established. It is imperative that you understand some important points about paternity if you are facing this situation.

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