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What can you do when your ex won't let you see your children?

One of the worst things about a divorce can be the damage it does to the relationship between a loving parent and the children from the marriage. It can be hard to adjust to life seeing your children only a few days a week. It can be even worse when your ex no longer allows you to have visitation as outlined in your divorce agreement or the temporary order while your divorce is pending.

Should dads stay in the house during divorce?

You're a father of two young kids. You and your spouse have decided to get divorced. Is it time to move out and get an apartment while the legal process plays out? It can take months. Since the relationship is already over, doesn't moving out make the most sense?

How can offering visitation help you get sole custody?

You want sole custody of your two kids in the divorce. Your spouse also wants custody, but would settle for joint custody. You believe it's in their best interests not to live with your spouse at any time for a variety of reasons.

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