Dads have Rights Too

Dads have Rights Too

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Omaha fathers have the right to be parents

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2017 | Paternity And Custody

It takes two people to have a child, and according to the leading psychological theories, it takes two parents to raise a child. Children also benefit from continued contact from both their biological parents. However, traditions are hard to break and sometimes Omaha fathers may feel like they’re getting the short end of the stick when it comes to their child custody proceedings.

At the Law Office of James A. Adams, one of our career missions is to ensure that fathers are fairly treated by the Nebraska court system when it comes to child custody proceedings. Since family law courts are tasked with honoring the best interests of the child when it comes to a child custody case, it seems obvious that they would favor fathers just as much as they favor mothers in court proceedings, yet the gender bias remains.

There’s also the fact that fathers tend to believe that they do not have as much of a right to child custody as the mother of their children. They tend to believe that they have to show the mother to be an unfit parent in order for them to be considered in their custody disputes. Nevertheless, times are changing, gender roles are changing and a lot of men are actually serving as stay-at-home dads and serving the roles of homemaker and child caregiver for their families.

At the Law Office of James A. Adams, we know that fathers sometimes have to be aggressive in Nebraska court to show that they are serious about their parental rights. As such, we will use every tool of legal persuasion in the book, as we dynamically protect the parental rights of the fathers we represent in court. It’s our hope that one day, the legal climate in Nebraska will change, and fathers will be seen as equals to mothers when it comes to their parental capacity.