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Dads have Rights Too

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Putting Nebraska parenting plans into focus

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2016 | Parenting Plans And Parenting Time

The state of Nebraska is one of many that puts a great deal of focus on parenting after divorce. During the 20th Century, the climbing divorce rate in America taught the public many things. Chief among these is the importance of the health and emotional well being of the children of divorce. As the nation entered the 21st Century, it is safe to assume that lawmakers as well as the general public were more concerned than ever about protecting and providing for these children.

The terms parenting plans and parenting time are relatively new in the field of family law. They both refer to how a child’s parents will care for and interact with the child after divorce. Essentially a “blueprint” defining the roles and responsibilities of each parent, a parenting plan helps children and parents adjust to the new family dynamics in a healthy way. In Nebraska, parenting plans are not optional; they are a requirement.

Effective parenting plans contain elements you might expect such as legal and physical custody, parenting time arrangements for the noncustodial parent and holiday schedules. However, wise parents will include additional items in their parenting plans to address issues that may arise or change as the child grows older. Another great addition to a parenting plan is a solid plan detailing how the parents will arrive at important decisions together.

It is difficult to make changes to a parenting plan that has already been approved by the court. As such, it is crucial that parents work to address as many parenting issues as possible when creating their plans. Seeking counsel from a family law attorney may help put these important issues into focus.

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