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Dads have Rights Too

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Nebraska protection orders

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2016 | Protection Orders And Domestic Violence

Nebraska laws that designed to protect the victims of domestic violence are made for swift action. That’s because most victims of domestic violence do not have the luxury of waiting to receive protection from the law. However, that does not prevent protection orders and domestic violence-related laws from being abused in our state.

In fact, some spouses purposefully lie to police about their spouse’s actions in order to gain an advantage during the divorce process. For example, a spouse might lie to police and say that he or she was struck by the other spouse. This could cause the inappropriately accused spouse to immediately have a protection order implemented against him or her. That protection order could prevent the spouse from seeing his or her children and from living at home.

At the Law Offices of James A. Adams, our firm has seen many different situations of false domestic violence accusations during our more than 21 years of experience defending accused spouses. We have seen situations where minor altercations in the home were blown out of proportion. We have seen situations where a spouse was merely defending him or herself against domestic violence, and then was accused of being the domestic abuser him or herself. We have also seen numerous situations where all of the accusations against the spouse were a lie.

Nebraska spouses accused of domestic violence will want to take swift legal action to ensure they do not lose the right to be in their homes and/or be with their children. At the Law Offices of James A. Adams, we regularly help spouses who have been falsely accused of domestic violence. Our in-depth experience helps us know exactly where to look in order to highlight a spouse’s deception in false domestic violence allegations and defend our clients’ rights to be free of false arrest and false accusation.