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How does someone claim paternity in Nebraska?

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2020 | Fathers' Rights

When you’re sure you have a child and others aren’t going along with the claim, it can feel like the whole world is against you. The bond of parenting is one of the strongest social connections, and no one would voluntarily give it up.

How can a parent prove that a child is his in Nebraska?

A man can file a request to establish paternity, which would include a finding that he is a child’s father as well as a custody order. The case for paternity would also include orders for parenting time with the child, child support payments and health insurance. Other costs, like basic care, may be included as well.

How does a case for paternity begin?

A case must be filed within four years of the birth of the child. The child must have lived in Nebraska for at least six months when the complaint starting the case is brought. There are other circumstances that allow a Nebraska court to rule on paternity. Legal advice is often best when these exceptions come into play.

Are there any restrictions?

The Nebraska Parenting Act is the vital law that covers these issues. All parents must follow it, and parents who claim paternity must undergo a certified parenting education class to ensure the safety and health of children.

Who can help with paternity complaints?

An attorney can always help people planning on claiming parental rights in Nebraska. Legal representation is often vital in getting through these complicated parenting issues, helping with filings with the court and representing clients’ interests in hearings.