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Clothing dos and don’ts for dads in child custody proceedings

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2023 | Fathers' Rights

As one of many Nebraska fathers heading to court for divorce proceedings, your children’s well-being is no doubt a central focus of your concerns. Like all good parents, you want what’s best for them, but you also want to ensure fair treatment in court. Long ago, the judicial system in the United States heavily favored mothers over fathers for child custody. The good news is that this bias no longer exists. 

However, if your goal is to obtain full or shared child custody in a divorce, it is critical to understand that the way you dress for proceedings will make either a negative or positive impression on the judge. When your goal is to gain custody, you will want that impression to be a positive one. Your appearance, attitude and disposition matter, and you can start out on the right foot by choosing courtroom attire carefully.  

Conservative dress is best for child custody court 

Think of courtroom proceedings as an important business meeting. If you were attending an interview for your dream career, you would likely choose clothing that helps you exude professionalism and confidence, and a respectful attitude that shows that you understand the importance of the meeting. It is just like this when you’re going to court for child custody litigation.  

You’ll want to dress in a manner that lets the judge know you have respect for the judicial system. Conservative styles are best for demonstrating this attitude. If you show up in torn jeans or a shirt with sleeves cut out to display tattoo sleeves, the judge might think you are not taking the proceedings seriously, which, in turn, may result in an unfavorable ruling.  

These colors and styles are best 

The following list shows numerous clothing choices that would be appropriate for a dad who is trying to win a child custody case in Nebraska: 

  • Business-casual styles like dress pants and a long-sleeved shirt with a collar 
  • A suit jacket and a tie 
  • Dress shoes 
  • Neutral tones, such as black, gray or navy blue 
  • Clothes that are not overly tight or baggy 
  • Minimal accessories, especially jewelry 
  • Neat, clean and tidy appearance 

If you have facial hair, you’ll want to make sure to neatly trim and groom it. An unkempt or disheveled appearance may not convince the judge that you are a capable parent fit for custody in a divorce. 

Check out the court’s website ahead of time 

The Nebraska court that is hearing your child custody case might have a website that includes a recommended dress code. It’s wise to investigate ahead of time so that you can make informed choices regarding courtroom attire. 

There are certain items and styles that may not only reduce your chance of winning a child custody case, but they may also get you kicked out of the courtroom. Such items would include a hat of any kind, as well as T-shirts with profanity or offensive images on them. Dress for success to increase your chance of obtaining a positive outcome.