Dads have Rights Too

Dads have Rights Too

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What are the grounds for challenging paternity?

On Behalf of | May 26, 2017 | Paternity And Custody

When a man is proved to be the father of a child, he can be required to pay child support to assist in paying for his child’s living expenses. In addition to financial responsibility, the right to spend time with a child is also conferred when paternity has been established.

Because there are positive benefits — in addition to the financial costs and responsibilities associated with paternity — some men may want to seek paternity and other men may want to be relieved of paternity. This articles will discuss the situations in which men challenge paternity to relieve themselves of their parental responsibilities.

Here are situations in which a man could choose to challenge his paternity:

— The lab test evidence used to prove paternity was tainted and resulted in a flawed result.

— The lab test results were fraudulent. This might happen if someone sent another person to have the lab test performed on.

— The defendant proves that he was sterile or infertile, so pregnancy wasn’t possible.

— Proof of infidelity on the part of the mother. The proof could further the fman’s argument that he was not the father.

Whether you’re trying to prove paternity so you can receive child support payments, or whether you’re trying to prove you’re not the father so you don’t have to pay child support, a Nebraska family law attorney can help. Your family law lawyer will be able to advocate for or against paternity in your case by using all legal strategies available for the best possible result.

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