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Dads have Rights Too

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Will 50-50 shared child custody work for you and your ex?

On Behalf of | May 30, 2017 | Blog

Contemporary psychological research is revealing the benefits of shared child custody. Nebraska courts — which primarily concern themselves with the best interests of the child — are beginning to agree.

When children have regular, predictable and constant contact with both parents, they tend to grow up more balanced, they feel loved and they feel like both parents are caring for them and supporting them.

How 50-50 parenting plans benefit parents

There are some very real and practical benefits for the parents as well. Being a single, full-time parent is doable, and single parents do adjust to the added responsibility, but it’s time-consuming and difficult unless babysitters or helpful relatives assist.

By sharing your children 50-50, it frees you up to enjoy some relaxation time for yourself, which can be used to pursue a new relationship or other enjoyable activities — allowing your life to more closely resemble the life of a married parent who can share child-rearing tasks with his or her spouse.

When 50-50 custody is a good fit

Here are a few factors that will contribute to the success of your 50-50 child custody arrangements. If these factors are not true for you, it could be possible to adjust your life in a way that makes them true, and this could help your child custody arrangements function better.

— You and your ex live close to one another, making exchanges less time-consuming.

— You and your ex communicate easily and diplomatically with one another.

— Your child has an easy time going back and forth to both parents’ residences.

— You and your ex want the best for your child, and you always put your child’s interests before your own.

— You and your ex agree that 50-50 child custody is the preferred choice.

Organize your child custody arrangements with a family law attorney

Getting help from a family law attorney will help you organize your child arrangements in a way that’s legally appropriate. Your lawyer will also help you organize your parenting plan so it reflects your, your spouse’s and your child’s work, school and activity schedules.