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State reps calling for stronger child custody protections

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2017 | Paternity And Custody

Two state representatives, one from Pennsylvania and one from New York, are seeking stronger protections for kids who are involved in custody cases across the country. The two representatives, both women, have called for hearings to review the practices of family courts. The resolution created also asks family courts to quicken case resolution when violence is present.

In a statement, one of the representatives said that more than 58,000 children are forced into the custody of an abusive parent even when the other parent raises objections to the court’s ruling. One of the representatives is a former prosecutor. The main goal of the resolution is to help create standards that would prevent courts from issuing custody to abusive parents.

The resolution went on to describe the disregard by family courts when it comes to issues of violence, child abuse, domestic violence and child sexual abuse when ordering children into the custody of abusive parents. Courts have even been known to order unsupervised or unprotected parenting time to parents with an abusive past.

The resolution is asking that child safety be the primary focus of any child custody case that reaches the courts. The courts are being asked to resolve abuse issues first and then move to other items that are in the best interest of the child.

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