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Plan for fun with your children on vacation this summer

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2018 | Blog

Family vacations are meant to be fun, but the first one after you go through a divorce might seem more of a challenge. If you are facing the first vacation since your split, you probably want it to be memorable for you and your children.

While you are planning your vacation, you do have some new things to think about. These are all matters related to child custody. Here are a few to consider to get you started:

Where can you travel?

Sometimes, a child custody order will limit where you can take your children. These terms often specify that either their mom or the court has to approve the destination if it is out of a specific area. If this is in your custody agreement, make sure that you comply so that you don’t face legal issues. Even if you aren’t required to let your ex know where you are going, it is a good idea to do so. This shows respect and might enable your ex to help you prepare your child for the vacation.

When can you travel?

The schedule of when your child will be with you has an impact on when you should travel. Make sure that you are leaving ample travel time in your plans. This is important if you are going to fly because you need time to make it to the airport and through security. Trying to make your travel plans without much of a time cushion is a recipe for stress, which can defeat the purpose of going on a vacation.

How will your children communicate with your ex?

Planning for the communication between your ex and your children is important. Your children need to know that they can contact their mother to share fun memories from the trip and just to check in. Technology makes this easy these days. Your child can call, text or video chat with their mother. Other options like emailing or instant messaging are also possible.

How will your children share memories?

Help your children to find fun ways to share the memories from the trip. Taking pictures and journaling are two ways to do this. Consider buying your children special notebooks just for vacation. They can decorate them and use them for scrapbooking if you have pictures printed off when you get back home. When you are taking pictures, make sure that you aren’t ruining the experience just to get a good shot. Your children can share these mementos with their mom, family members and friends when they return.