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5 tips to become the best father you can

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2018 | Fathers' Rights

You and your spouse are getting divorced, so your role as a father is changing a bit. However, the first thing you thought when your spouse asked for that divorce was simple. You wanted to be the best father you could be for your children.

Your relationship with them is the most important thing in the world to you, even as your marital relationship is changing.

Following some of these tips can help you up your parenting game and become the best father possible:

  1. Always focus on their needs, desires and interests. They come first, even if you have to give up things you enjoy.
  2. Spend time with them, even when you do not have much. You may want to enjoy your own hobbies or simply relax after working all day long, but you need to show them that you value time with them.
  3. Engage with them. Watching movies or TV is fine sometimes, but it’s not all you should do. Play outside. Engage in their hobbies. Teach them new skills. Play kids’ games, like making forts in the house or building with Legos.
  4. Forget gender roles. As a divorced parent, you’re now in charge of tasks that you may have assumed your spouse would do. Embrace those tasks, and learn to enjoy them.
  5. Read books. Few other things are as great for children and their developing brains. It helps them learn, it makes them more likely to do well in school and it develops their imaginations. It’s also a great way to spend time together.

Since you want to be the best possible father, it is important that you understand your custody rights and your legal options as you move through the divorce process.

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