Dads have Rights Too

Dads have Rights Too

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Technology can help fathers in strained co-parenting situations

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2018 | Firm News

Co-parenting with a former spouse can be a challenging aspect of your life after divorce. Particularly in cases where a former couple does not easily maintain civil discourse, it can be difficult for fathers and mothers to have a cooperative relationship as co-parents. Fortunately, there are tools and resources available for all parents in Nebraska who need some assistance with their strained co-parenting dynamic.

Parents with a shared or joint custody arrangement need to find a way to work collaboratively even after a difficult or hurtful divorce process. No matter the dynamics or drama of the past marriage, the two of you are still co-parents. To simplify and streamline the responsibilities of shared parenting, consider some technological tools.

Theres an app for that

The digital age has brought an online solution for many interpersonal matters, and that includes co-parenting. Apps and websites designed for parents offer a solution to the confusion and potential divisiveness of trying to manage the important aspects of your child’s care through texts or emails. Better yet, these tools help parents avoid involving children as messengers which can have damaging effects.

Every app and website offers a variation on the responsibilities of shared parenting. Common features include:

  • Expense reports and shopping lists to track purchases and payments
  • Shared calendars for each family member’s relevant commitments
  • Appointment and event reminders for each parent
  • Secure storage for the child’s medical, educational and other pertinent information
  • A built-in messaging feature that tracks if and when each user read’s the message

Every platform operates in its own way, but these are some of the typical features offered across the board. Each feature helps to mitigate the common issues of co-parenting such as poor communication, lack of civility and confusion about scheduling. These apps help provide accountability and a focused platform that eliminates the outside influences that can damage a shared parenting dynamic.

How fathers benefit

Oftentimes fathers feel left out of the important conversations and decisions regarding their child’s life. If you worry about maintaining civil conversations with your ex, consider the effectiveness of a platform that is separate from all other forms of communication. No other texts, calls or emails clutter the app; its sole purpose and focus is on parenting.

Co-parenting does not have to be the difficult, tense situation in which many fathers in Nebraska find themselves. You have the right to be an equal part of your child’s life, and a challenging co-parenting relationship can feel like it jeopardizes that reality. Consider the benefits of using a focused platform for maintaining a cooperative co-parenting arrangement.