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Types of protection orders for domestic abuse

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2019 | Protection Orders And Domestic Violence

To continue our discussion of the different types of protection orders available in Nebraska, a protection order for domestic abuse may well be the type of protection order that is most widely known to Omaha residents.

As its name implies, this type of order allows a judge to require a person to stay away from an alleged victim of domestic abuse and avoid contacting him or her. The judge may also order the target of the order to move out of his or her home if the alleged victim also lives there. The order may also require him or her not to go to certain locations, usually places where the alleged victim is likely to be, such as a place of employment.

The protection order will last for one year and is renewable. Should a person violate a protection order, then he or she may face criminal charges as well as civil consequences like a contempt of court proceeding.

As with the other types of protection orders, there are some limits on who can file one and for what reasons. For instance, these orders are reserved for victims of domestic abuse, which will usually require that the victim have some sort of familiar or romantic relationship with the alleged perpetrator.

Moreover, domestic abuse has a specific meaning, in that it must include actual physical violence or a credible threat thereof. It should be noted that even one threat is enough to sustain a protection order; one need not have engaged in repeated or ongoing behavior.

As with the other types of protection orders, a man in Omaha who gets served with this type of protection order should take the matter very seriously. In addition to restricting his freedom somewhat, a protection order may carry with it other long-term consequences.