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Dads have Rights Too

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Virtual visitation can benefit divorced fathers

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2019 | Firm News

As a divorced father, you know how difficult it can be to maintain a strong relationship with your children. This is even more so the case if you don’t have physical custody.

While there are a variety of challenges standing in your way, there are many steps you can take to ease the tension.

Virtual visitation is growing in popularity, as it allows you to remain connected with your children even when you’re not in the same place. It’s not a replacement for face-to-face visits, but it can definitely benefit you and your children in a number of ways. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Talk about it up front: If you’re interested in virtual visitation, bring this to light when creating a parenting agreement. This allows you to hash out the details and add them to the agreement, which makes it much easier to remain on track in the future.
  • Decide on the best form of communication: There is more than one type of virtual visitation, so you should experiment with all of them to see what makes the most sense. For example, you could use Apple’s FaceTime to connect with your children. This allows you to see their face, and vice versa. Other forms of virtual visitation include instant messaging, text messaging, email and video conferencing.
  • Keep your ex in the loop: You don’t want virtual visitation to get in the way of your ex spending time with your children. When possible, set a schedule for communicating in this manner.

There are many benefits of virtual visitation, including but not limited to:

  • The ability to partake in activities with your child, such as reading them a book or helping with homework
  • The opportunity to see live events as they unfold
  • The chance for your child to regularly communicate with you, even if you’re far away

You should never rely solely on virtual visitation as a divorced father, but it makes sense to consider it as a supplement to face-to-face visits. Once you, your ex and your children understand the process and technology, you can use virtual visitation to benefit everyone.

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