Dads have Rights Too

Dads have Rights Too

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We can help men with the details of their parenting plans

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2019 | Parenting Plans And Parenting Time

A previous post on this blog talked about the right of first refusal and its importance to many Nebraska fathers. Basically, in Nebraska, this right to provide childcare to one’s own children needs to be protected in a man’s court-ordered parenting plan. Otherwise, it can be very hard to assert successfully.

The right of first refusal is not unique in this respect. Indeed, under Nebraska law, parents are expected to come up with a parenting plan that addresses all aspects of how each parent is going to be responsible for their child’s well-being. Moreover, the plan should specify when each parent will have the right to see their children.

Whether decided through a court hearing or via mediation or negotiation, a good parenting plan really is the best way that a man in the Omaha area can make certain that he gets the opportunity to form a relationship with his children and have a chance to be involved in their lives. As such, one of the focuses of our law office is to help men achieve a parenting plan that protects their rights as much as possible. Parenting plans vary widely depending on each family’s circumstances, so our first focus is to make sure we understand our client’s unique situation.

Once we have done that, we are prepared to advocate for his position with respect to both decision-making and parenting time. This means making sure that all the important details, such as the right of first refusal, holiday and vacation plans, and work schedules are all accounted for in the plan. When working out these details, our goal will be to make sure that our clients get the opportunity to have a meaningful role in their children’s lives.