Dads have Rights Too

Dads have Rights Too

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Active fathers help children develop

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2020 | Firm News

One of the biggest things that can help a child develop and have success in life is just having an active father at a young age.

It’s important to think of this in the context of divorce. Fathers face changing circumstances. They may not feel like the time they get with their children is guaranteed. However, since they are so important for the children, it’s crucial that fathers know how to protect that time.

The differences

Obviously, every situation is different. The impact each father has depends on what he does, what his children are like, what personalities they have and many other factors. However, even when you account for that, researchers have found some trends. They say that having involved father figures can help children:

  • Stay in school
  • Get better grades
  • Stay out of jail
  • Refrain from underage sexual activity
  • Refrain from criminal activity
  • Avoid high-risk behaviors
  • Land high-paying jobs
  • Have successful careers
  • Build stable, happy families of their own
  • Have fewer psychological problems
  • Have higher IQ scores

As you can see, fathers should never overlook their impact. By being involved, you can change your child’s life forever. You can help them at a young age and as they move into adulthood. This is true for boys and girls. Having a father figure is important.

You could even make the argument that having a father figure after a divorce is even more important. To a child, divorce feels unstable. It makes them ask a lot of questions about things that they took for granted in their lives. Any big change is this way. Losing a home in foreclosure, for instance, can provide a shock to a child who never considered that “their” home could get taken from them by anyone.

When children find themselves facing these questions and concerns — about the post-divorce changes — they turn to their parents for support, comfort and answers. They look to them as pillars of strength. A father can still give them that presence in their life, helping them get through the divorce and develop as they grow up.

The importance of fathers’ rights

All of this helps to show why fathers’ rights are so important. It’s not just about giving the father time with the child because he wants it. It’s about giving the child time with their father so that they can build a strong, active relationship that helps to define the rest of their life.

If that is your goal, make sure you know what legal steps you can take. You need to understand all of your rights and your options.