Dads have Rights Too

Dads have Rights Too

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Proving paternity is more than saying you’re the father

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2020 | Paternity And Custody

Nebraska allows men who believe they may be the unrecognized father of a child to assert a right for a paternity test. A marital connection to the mother at birth may be recognized as legal paternity, but it can be overturned if a person shows biological evidence of fatherhood.

If a person plans on asserting this right, he must first give notice to the recognized parent of the child. This is generally done with official court papers that are either voluntarily accepted by the other party or served by a sheriff’s office in the county in which the other party lives.

If the biological mother or the legally recognized father is not willing to testify on behalf of the applicant, a paternity test is the only way to prove a relationship with the child. Genetic testing based on a sample given by the applicant must be tested in an approved facility, and the results must be present at any hearing regarding the matter.

Parenting education courses are also required for applicants if they are planning to receive full or partial custody of a child. The proof of completion must also be present at hearings. Any information related to potential financial support arrangements for children should also be prepared.

A potential father who is looking to prove paternity may seek help from an attorney. Legal representation is helpful during filings, hearings and other parts of the process. A lawyer can represent a person’s interests from filing the appropriate papers to defending a claim against a written challenge or testimony in court.