Dads have Rights Too

Dads have Rights Too

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How can men get their rights as fathers?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2020 | Fathers' Rights

There is no bond stronger in human history than that of a parent and a child. This creates a lot of love, but it can also create a lot of drama if parents are not on board with each other’s plans for the future. It can seem like a punishment if the law does not yet recognize a parent’s rights.

  • How can a father prove his rights are valid?

The first step in Nebraska if a man believes he is a father but the mother will not acknowledge is to prove paternity. This is often done with a test of blood or saliva for genetic material that would also be present in the child.

  • What if that step has been taken, and a man is, in fact, a father?

A father may need to petition for his rights as far as child custody or visitation goes. Custody has more to do with a child’s permanent home (or homes) as well as the decisions that adult guardians must make for children. Visitation is an issue if a father’s right are not covered by sharing or getting custody.

  • What about when parents cannot agree?

A parenting agreement, which is often evidence to a court that parents have worked out their differences, may require more effort with some couples. Mediation or other forms of conflict resolution can help bridge the divide.

  • How can fathers and alleged fathers get help?

An attorney can always represent a person’s interests while petitioning for his rights. Legal representation can help in several ways throughout the entire process.