Dads have Rights Too

Dads have Rights Too

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How can fathers protect their rights when pursuing child custody?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2020 | Fathers' Rights

Fathers have a critical role in the lives of their children. It is important for kids to have their dads present, but sometimes, fathers find themselves in the difficult position of having to fight for their parental rights. This often happens in a divorce when the two parents are fighting over child custody and visitation.

Nebraska courts should give equal consideration to both parents, but unfortunately, this does not always happen. When a dad finds himself in a position where he must fight for child custody, one of the most important and beneficial things he can do is to keep accurate records. This includes keeping track of child support payments, visitations, disruptions to the parenting plan and anything else that could be important in court.

To make the case for additional visitation time or a more equitable custody order, a father should be present for as many functions as possible. A court may look at attendance at important events and the father’s presence in the child’s everyday life. While it may be difficult, a Nebraska father will want to avoid fights with the mother and be as respectful as possible. Instead of engaging in a dispute, it is more prudent to document the problem for future review by the court.

Fighting for child custody is not easy for a dad. He will find it helpful to work with an experienced attorney who can help him understand his rights and fight for his rightful parenting time. Before agreeing to a custody plan or other agreement, it is helpful to first seek an assessment of the individual case.