Dads have Rights Too

Dads have Rights Too

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What should military parents know about a divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2020 | High-asset Divorce

Divorce is a difficult process, especially when it will affect minor children. Each parent wants to make sure he or she is getting enough time with the kids, and kids need to feel a sense of security and stability amidst so much change. This can be especially difficult for Nebraska military parents where one or both may deploy at some point.

Military parents face special challenges when it comes to addressing custody concerns. It is especially important to have a custody order that makes sense long-term and addresses issues that could affect the family because of the parents’ military service. Dads often face difficulty getting fair custody orders and visitation time, and it can be particularly complex when the dad is in the military.

There are certain factors that are important to consider when dealing with custody in a military divorce. Certain issues that could play a vital role include the potential for future deployments, child support payments, changes in visitation schedules when working at different duty stations and more. Ultimately, the goal of any custody and visitation decisions should be to protect the needs and interests of the children above all else.

Nebraska military parents will find it beneficial to work with an experienced attorney at every step of the divorce process, and even discuss concerns before filing. A legal ally who understands the special challenges that a military family faces can provide invaluable guidance during this difficult time. Parents, especially military dads, will have to be intentional about seeking terms that are fair, reasonable and make sense long-term.