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The impact of divorce on kids of different ages

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2021 | Divorce

Every member of a family will experience certain changes when parents decide to end their marriage. Divorce can be a significant event in the life of a child, but the specific effect this will have may depend on his or her age. Nebraska parents may find it beneficial to learn about what to expect for their kids as this can help them prepare to support and help them. 

Mental and emotional impact 

There are various factors that could affect how a divorce impacts a child. Upbringing and maturity can play a significant role in how this process impacts a child’s mental and emotional stability and so can age. Possible ways a divorce will affect children include: 

  • Infants – 2 years old – Very young children will not understand the concept of divorce, but they could be affected by changes in their schedules and routine. 
  • Toddlers – Toddlers may be anxious and demonstrate signs of emotional distress at being away from one parent or experiencing changes in their routines. 
  • Preschool and elementary age – Children in this age group can begin to understand what is happening, and they may feel sad, confused or even angry about changes in their routines.  
  • Preteens and teenagers – Kids who are older may be able express their wishes for custody, and they may experience changes in behavior when they have to move or experience an upheaval in everyday life. 

The best custody order is the one that suits the needs of the individual family and unique needs of the kids. Nebraska parents would be wise to choose a solution that will benefit their children for years to come, and they must be willing to put the needs of the kids above their feelings and frustrations.