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Dads have Rights Too

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Dads can fight against the possibility of parental alienation

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2021 | Fathers' Rights

One of the most frustrating and challenging aspects of a divorce is seeing how the process can affect children. Nebraska dads naturally want to ensure they have access and a continued role in the lives of their children. This can be difficult when the other parent is intentionally trying to harm this relationship and refusing to cooperate with the terms of the custody order. This is called parental alienation. 

What counts as alienation? 

Alienation happens when one parent actively tries to prevent the other from having a meaningful relationship with his or her kids. These can be subtle attempts to harm the child’s perception of the other parent, or they may be direct efforts to undermine the custody order. Dads who believe they are experiencing this can take steps to fight back and preserve the relationship they have with their kids. 

One way they can do this is by refusing to speak badly about the other parent in front of the kids. Dads can also remind their kids they can think for themselves, and that everything they hear may not be true. When a dad does have time with his kids, he can be intentional about quality time and building strong relationships with them.  

Appropriate action 

One of the most effective ways to fight parental alienation is to secure a custody order that is reasonable and fair. If a dad believes he is a victim of parental alienation, he has the right to pursue legal action for a solution. There are various remedies that may be mandated by a family court if they see one parent is not adhering to the terms of the custody plan or is harming the emotional and mental health of the kids in some way.