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Dads have Rights Too

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Make divorce easier for kids by establishing smooth transitions

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2021 | Divorce

Nebraska parents understand their divorce will have an impact on their kids, even if it’s simple and amicable. In order to minimize the potentially negative mental and emotional effects of divorce on kids, two parents may strive to provide their children with as much stability and continuity of lifestyle as possible, even when going between two homes. An important part of this is establishing sensible and consistent transitions. 

Simple, smart transitions 

It can be disruptive and challenging for kids, especially young children, to go between two houses. They may have difficulty adjusting, especially if there are significant differences in how their two parents run their homes. Examples of simple, smart transitions include: 

  • Have a set time and place for parents to drop off and pick up.  
  • Avoid making kids feel guilty or stressed when it’s time to transition them to the other home. 
  • Take steps to helps kids maintain their social lives. 
  • Involve the other parent in important events in the kids’ lives, even they take place during the other parent’s visitation time. 
  • Both parents should strive to stay involved in their kids’ school activities and support academics. 

Good transitions can help ease the minds of the youngest members of the family and provide kids with comfort during a difficult process.  

The right foundation 

Even when going between two different Nebraska parents, smooth transitions can make post-divorce life easier for the entire family. The key to making this work is a thoughtful custody and visitation plan. Each plan should consider the needs of the kids and their best interests above all else.