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Dads have Rights Too

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Helpful considerations for fathers seeking full custody

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2022 | Fathers' Rights

As a father, your main priority is to protect the best interests of your children above all else. In some cases, this may mean ensuring their safety, security and stability through the terms of your custody order. While children typically fare better when allowed to maintain a strong relationship with both parents, this is not always the best arrangement. You may believe that it is in the interests of your children for you to seek full custody. 

Full custody means that you will retain sole or primary physical and legal custody of your kids. As a father, seeking custody may seem like an insurmountable challenge, but you have the right to seek a specific outcome that you believe is best suited to the details of your individual situation. As you prepare to seek full custody, you may benefit from preparing for this potentially complex legal battle.  

Is gender a factor when determining custody? 

In the past, courts tended to give preference to the mother, assuming that she would be best suited to care for the child. However, courts are more likely now to consider the best interests of the child as the primary factor over gender when making custody decisions. If you are considering seeking full custody of your children, the following facts may be helpful: 

  • Don’t assume that having the highest income or the most money will be an important factor in the custody determination. 
  • Know what rights and responsibilities you will have if granted full custody of your children. 
  • Be able to prove to the court that you are an involved, active and loving father, and that you are capable of handling full custody. 
  • Do not speak poorly of the other parent or try to alienate your children from their mother. 

Fathers seeking full custody of their children will also benefit from having their paperwork in order, and you will find it helpful to secure guidance as you navigate the family court system. 

A bright future for your children 

The intent of seeking full custody is to provide your kids with the stable environment they need and deserve. A court will carefully evaluate the evidence you provide in order to determine what will be best for the kids, and you have the right to fight for a specific outcome. You may benefit from seeking an assessment of your case and explanation of what legal options you have as a father.