Dads have Rights Too

Dads have Rights Too

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If You Are A Stay-At-Home Dad, Are You More Likely To Divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2023 | Divorce

The decision to end a marriage is deeply personal, and there are a number of reasons that may contribute to this choice. For some Nebraska couples, the career of one or both spouses may lead to a greater likelihood that they will choose to divorce. In some cases, it can place a lot of strain on a marriage when a spouse, particularly the dad, decides to stay at home with the children or is at home due to job loss.

If you are at home with your kids, or you may be at some point in the future, you may have concerns about how this could impact your marriage. Many stay-at-home Nebraska dads wonder if their career choices could increase their chance of divorce. If this is a concern for you, you are not alone. This is one of the most commonly Googled questions for dads who choose to be at home with their children.

What you need to know

There are many ways that a career choice can affect a long-term relationship. Stay-at-home dads may struggle with their spouse being the primary income earner. Others may feel unsure of how stepping away from their jobs could affect their authority in the home. If you have looked into this matter, you may feel discouraged by what you read. Previous studies found that stay-at-home dads were more likely to experience significant changes in their relationships with their wives.

It may help to remember that simply because you are not in the workplace does not mean that you do not do meaningful work. Stay-at-home dads play a critical role in the homes and in the lives of their children. As you move into this role, it may help to have an important conversation with your partner regarding responsibilities, parental roles and other issues that could impact your relationship long-term.

If divorce happens

In some cases, divorce may be inevitable. Regardless of whether you are a stay-at-home dad or you have a high-powered career, you may be in a position where you need to shield your parental rights and seek custody rights. As a dad, custody and visitation can be difficult issues, but with the right help, you can seek an outcome that will allow you to preserve your relationship with your children. You may benefit from an explanation of your parental rights and legal options.