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Dads have Rights Too

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Domestic violence restraining orders in Nebraska

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2017 | Protection Orders And Domestic Violence

The most difficult part of any long-term domestic violence scenario in Nebraska is not the difficulty in putting it to a stop. It’s the difficulty in empowering victims to come forward and say “enough is enough.” Nebraska has numerous laws that protect victims of domestic violence. Victims can get restraining orders, remove their children from the abuser and even bring their pets with them if they have to leave their homes.

The question of whether a victim will actually take his or her power back is the most important one of all. Sometimes all that’s required is to educate a victim of his or her legal rights.

Getting a restraining order or an order of protection

A restraining order or a protection order will keep you and your family safe from an abusive spouse. If your spouse has been calling you, threatening you or causing you to fear for your and your family’s safety, a protection order will prohibit your spouse from interacting with you. These orders can also give you temporary custody of your children and temporary ownership of your pets. They will also prevent your spouse from being able to purchase or possess a firearm.

You can obtain your temporary restraining order without your abuser present. When you get this kind of an order it’s referred to as an “ex parte” order. The temporary order will remain valid for a period of 10 days, or until the court can hold a hearing for the more permanent protection order. Both spouses can be present to argue for or against the protection order during this hearing. The protection order will endure for a year. It may be possible to renew it after that.

Do you need protection from you spouse?

Talking with a Nebraska family law attorney is the best place to start if you’re currently in an abusive marriage. Your lawyer will empower you by explaining your legal rights and options, and then your lawyer can assert your legal right to be free of abuse in court, so that you will never be a victim of this kind of behavior again.

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