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Protestor of child custody denied order of protection

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2017 | Fathers' Rights

A protestor of child custody was denied an order of protection by an Otoe County District Judge earlier this month in Nebraska. The man denied the order claimed he was harassed while protesting outside of the Otoe County Courthouse.

The man has been holding a sign in front of the courthouse periodically since Father’s Day protesting what he claims is unfair treatment of males in child custody cases. The reason for his protest, according to him, is his ex-girlfriend, who is the mother of his daughter.

He claims his ex-girlfriend went into hiding and said he just wants his “kidnapped” daughter to return home. The man changed what was written on his signs after a June 19 encounter with police officers. The content changed to protest the unfair treatment of males in child custody cases.

Not long after, the man petitioned the court for a protection order. He claimed that a woman from Nebraska City harassed him and threatened him as he held his sign in protest one day. He claimed that the woman was sent to harass him by his ex-girlfriend in the hopes that he would react negatively.

The man has promised to continue his protests until at least July 19, when he is scheduled for a hearing regarding a separate protection order. The separate protection order was requested by his ex-girlfriend against him for claims of abuse and rage.

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